Managing After Fraud 

​Wealth comes from a number of different resources. Losses can affect and destroy your business. Investigations can restore and help rebuild your strategy and goals.

Investigations and Security Protection

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What to know About Infidelity?

With today's economy and family make-up, most need to be informed and held responsible for neglectful acts.

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How to Choose the right Investigator

​Do you know not all investigators are not verst in Intelligence? Its a process which is valued when conducting investigations. Guess work and hunches will not support your case or be acceptable in court, so why use investigators who still proceed in this matter.

IntelliSource is a professional license investigation and security protection company. We offer many custom services to suit your business and personal needs.

We provide assistance and keep you well informed while providing services. It's important to maintain open communications with our clients. Our results will dictate your existing needs.

IntelliSource Investigations and Protection Group, Inc., is licensed, bonded, and insured in Pennsylvania to conduct investigations and provide security protection.

We welcome any questions and offer free consultation. Let us evaluate your needs.

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